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Here are some unsolicited testimonials: 

These are truly unsolicited and we publish these
 only with the expressed or tacit approval of the sender, mostly
If we get a negative one (it happens, but not very often) we automatically list it.  
By request some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent!

(Editor: We try to post all negative comments we receive, and for a few weeks, had one on this page from a customer in 
Derry, New Hampshire, until the writer adamantly with great vigor and anger, requested we remove it.  
In his post and phone calls he objected to just about everything we had done for him.  
He didn't like us, our website, our heritage, (I didn't know he had met my mother!) our skills 
and definitely did not like the fact that we had had posted his criticism verbatim!  
Damned if you do, damned if you don't!  So we removed it!  
We really do want to keep our customers and the never, never-under no circumstances will we ever again-customers happy.)

This testimonial for Robert Varnado, the "V" arranger:
Just received the music for "A Gift of a Thistle" for string quartet.  
I had searched all over for it and finally found it on your website.
My group loved it.  Nice arrangement! Thanks again for your help.
Dr. John Brawand, Director
S.D.S.U. Civic Symphony
Brookings, SD

This testimonial for Rick Rhodes, the "R" arranger:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you very very very much.
I can't find good words to say how much I like the work you've made for me."
 (He had purchased a few arrangements from us and wondered if we could help him with a suggested solo for guitar on one of them.  
We sent him a couple of written solos to try.   Looks like he liked them!)

Ars sur Moselle

This testimonial for Dick Brodfuehrer, the "D" arranger:
"I got the new charts and they look great!  After the first of the year we'll need another 5 if possible.  I just bought a new Bb Soprano sax.
Could you do an arrangement using that."  (Yes we can.  This comment is from a music teacher in California.)
Mike Simpson
Piner High School
Santa Rosa, Ca

And another testimonial sent to Dick Brodfuehrer the "D" arranger:
"Your arrangements for the saxes are great Dick.  The harmonies are wonderful and beautiful.  
I only wish I had the brains and ability to do that kind of work.  Thanks again for the great work in those arrangements. 
 I have to ask something.  The chords you are getting with the sax parts are down right gorgeous.  
Do you hear these in your head ahead of time or do you know, by years of experience, 
what they are going to sound like.  I am just taken aback by the sound being so tight and beautiful."
Bill Sveglini
Lincoln, California

This testimonial was sent to Rick Rhodes "R" arranger:
"Hello Rick, (Comment: That's me.)
We just tried out some of the Dixieland charts you sent us. Your arrangement of "Rainbow Dixie" was excellent
 and a big hit with the group and our audience.  What an unusual use of the "Over the Rainbow" melody
 in a totally different style that is a crowd pleaser because it really, really works. (Comment: Wow!...Thanks.)  
We also enjoyed playing "Caravan Dixie" (Comment: #688-R)  and look forward to receiving 
"Hogan's Dixie" (#811-R) and "Gettysburg March" ( #823-R).  
We will let you know how they go."
Jerome Robbins
Atlanta Georgia
(Comment from Rick Rhodes:  I personally get a great kick out of taking well known melodies
 and turning them into "Traditional Jazz" arrangements.  
I am just now finishing up Disney's "Bare Necessities" which makes a great Dixie chart.)

This testimonial was sent to Joe Cea the "J" arranger:
Hi Rick,  (Comment: That's me.)
"Just to let you know that we rehearsed the arrangements that you sent the other night. They are great!  
Fantastic writing!  Thanks.  We perform them at the "Moonlight Music Cafe" 
this coming Thursday night for the first time."
(Comment:  Susan had called and asked us if we had any string quartet charts, for Jazz standards (especially "Satin Doll"), 
that also had  piano, bass, and rhythm parts.  Not something you find everyday. 
Needless to say we did not have them,  but I told her I would contact our arranger of the string quartet arrangements, 
Joe Cea,  and ask if he would be interested in adding the rhythm parts to his existing arrangements. 
 Instead he wrote her all new charts of the standards she was looking for, 
that included the parts she wanted for a modest additional fee.)
Sue Nuckols
Birmingham, Alabama

"The charts are great !!  
(Comment: We sent him 3 charts done bye Dick Brodfuehrer, the "D" arranger; 
one of which was a custom arrangement of  "
I have not yet received the chart for "My Girl".  
Hope we can get it sometime within the next two to three weeks.  
We had a request for this to play at a Wedding reception in about a month."
(Comment:  This gentleman has been buying "D" and "R" arrangements from us for 5 years.  
One of our very favorite customers.  Dick Brodfuehrer,  is writing up something for him on "My Girl",   
 and it will definitely be there in time for the wedding.)
Dr. John Bond
Nashville, Tennessee

"I received my first order and I am not satisified (sic).  I was afraid this would happen.  
The music doesn't fit what was discribed (sic) to me via the telephone and internet.  
I am returning the two charts and would like a refund."
(Comment:  Ouch!  We hate it when that happens.  
Actually she didn't buy the two charts that were described to her over the phone and by internet.  
When we saw the charts that she wanted to order we told her that we didn't think they would work for her.  
We were overruled.  The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer.  
So we sent them.  We do not give refunds because sheet music is just intellectual property.  
Once you have it (and have probably copied it) there is no way to return it.  We will , when possible, issue credit.  We want our customers happy! 
We try to be very careful that you receive just what you want.  Obviously this was not one of those times.)
Gloria Hamilton
Chicago, Illinois

This received by Terence Martin, the "M" arranger of the Sax Quartet charts:
"Martin's arrangements are simply superb!  
They're a hit with our audiences, and often cause a standing ovation.  Bravo!"
(Comment:  Obviously we are speechless after this testimonial)
Ernie Kalwa, Leader
The Royal City Saxophone Quartet
CBC Recording Artists
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

"Hi! I've ordered several arrangements from you and have enjoyed all of them!  
I recently received "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" (our # 100-W) 
and "(The) Mr. Grinch" (our #757-R) and we are having a lot of fun with those. 
Thanks for the good music at good prices! 
One of the most beautiful clarinet solos I've ever heard is Pete Fountain's version of "A Closer Walk"
 on his CD named "Super Jazz", a session with Al Hirt.  
I'm not a good enough musician to transcribe that solo (the entire song) by ear,
but I could play it if it was written out. Could I hire you to transcribe that clarinet part, and the piano chords, for
me? I could send you a copy of the CD."  (Comment:  We are working on this as we speak.  
I am sure we will be able to help her. We do have a staff of some pretty amazing arrangers.)

Please say YES!  
Melanie Link

 Received by Dick Brodfuehrer:
"I recently bought your arrangements of "In The Mood" and "String Of Pearls" from AMP.  
Excellent work!  I was impressed with them both.  I am looking for "The Long and Winding Road" 
that follows the original, and something like Santana's "Oye Como Va" written with horn accompaniment.  
I have 2 trumpets, alto, tenor, and trombone.  Can you help me or direct me to someone who can?"
Denny Hair
Hockley, Tx
(Comment:  You bet we helped him!  Dick wrote  custom arrangements for both of the tunes he requested,  
and worked with him to make sure that the style was what he wanted.)  They will be posted on our site, soon.

When the appropriate time comes. please  charge me for the next two charts. 
I assume they will be the same amount as the others? 
(Comment: They were.  See above: We have been writing custom arrangements for him)
I really enjoy doing business with you both. It is refreshing to have professionals taking care of my requests!" 
(Comment: These kinds of comments are most appreciated.)
Denny Hair
Hockley, Tx

"Dear Joe...impressed not only with your orchestration and composition, 
but also with your ease with the print-out program.".
Dick Hyman.
(Comment: This was the customer's reply to Joe Cea about his book of  6 Piano Jazz  pieces 
(bundled with a CD) and some of his arrangements.  All available on our website.)

Received by Rick Rhodes.
"Thanks for the great charts and excellent service!"
Quinn Leonard
McFarland, Wisconsin

(Comment: This was the customer's reply to our confirmation of his order for #275 "Opus In Pastels" for sax quintet)
" Thanks a lot-I look forward to getting it.  My saxophone teacher is a 75-year-old ex-dance band leader 
who had despaired of finding an arrangement of this for our group.  He tells of when he and the rest of his reeds 
played it in Manchester--and had a standing ovation from the other musicians in the band, 
which was unheard of in those tough days!!"
Alan Godding
Telford, England

 Received by Dick Brodfuehrer:
    "Your four (octet) charts arrived yesterday, and I numbered them and threw away the 2nd tenor parts.  
Today they go in the book.  That's what I call service.  Thanks again for your help and your speed. 
Your copy is always beautiful and easy to read, whether by hand or computer."     
Frank P.


"I just got a chance to listen to a little of the midi you sent, 
but this is , as the kids would say, way cool, really way cool.   
It's just what I wanted.  Thanks, I will enjoy working with them. 
We'll be in touch."
  (Comment: We sent a midi file to go with some solo style Dixieland charts we wrote for him.)
Thanks very much,
Norman Malloy
Chicago, Illinois

"Hi, I had some problems at first with the "roadmaps" of your "W" arrangements.
You should probably include some instructions. (Comment: We do that now!)
I did talk to you about it and your explanations solved everything!
We truly enjoy playing this music."
Shirley Horn
Toledo, Ohio

"Good job on the "Horns And Stuff" book. I bought it months ago and just kind of set it aside.
I wasn't sure that it was going to be much use as I am a professional arranger myself.
But I discovered the extensive section on Latin instrument rhythm patterns and I was in heaven!
This kind of knowledge is hard to come by. 
I am finding that I not only use it more than I expected, but I use it all of the time!
It is a common sense approach to arranging with all of the instrument useful (and not so useful) ranges, 
and a basic chord sheet.
Thank you so much for the help."
Best regards,
Sam Bookston
Asheville, North Carolina


"Hello, I play in a string quartet in Prescott, Arizona.
We have been playing mostly classical arrangements for weddings, receptions, openings etc.
Our group decided that we needed some more contemporary arrangements 
and chose some arranged by Joe Cea (the "J" arranger).
We have been pleasantly surprised by how well they have been received, 
and will be ordering more when we can."
(Comment: They have ordered more, twice.)
Diane Pearson
Prescott, Arizona


"I play with an older group of musicians in a pick-up band. We first purchased
some of your "W" arrangements a year ago and they worked pretty well for us.
Then we bought some "D" charts and they fit us perfectly.
We intend to spend our music fund on all of Dick Brodfuehrer's arrangements!"
(Comment: This customer has purchased from us 8 times)

Dr. John Bond
Nashville, Tn.

"Hi, I'd like to order several more charts. We got about a dozen arrangements from you two
years ago and we and our audience love them".
John Prendergast
Portsmouth Nh.


"Many thanks!   I received the arrangements....they're awesome!  I'll be making additional
orders in the future.  Really appreciate the ability to hear a sample online since I'm
not familiar with all of the available titles".  
Thanks again,

Ted Telford
Higley, Az

"We truly appreciate your willingness to customize your charts for our group.
It made things so much easier for us. Thank you again".

David Bryan
Olympia Wa

"We purchased some of your "O" sheet music. We had some trouble with them at first,
because they were a little more difficult than we were used to.
After we ran through them a couple of times we really came to enjoy them.
It has been a very nice and welcome departure from the "Hal Leonard" style arrangements we have been using.

Rick Rohr
Back Street Jazz Band
Chicago, Il.

"I teach music at a Middle school here in Minnesota.
I am always looking for quality combo music for my students.
You really took care of our needs.
Thanks for the great arrangements."

Carmen Bosso

"My band has been really enjoying your Big Band arrangements.
We will certainly be ordering more."
(Comment: This person has placed 3 more orders since this email.)
L. Andersson
Stockholm, Sweden

"I truly enjoyed your charts-Basin St. Blues (our #18-W) and Shantytown (our #187-W).
Thanks for your help."
B. Graig


"Since all we have these days in Jazz Band Class is combos,
you were the answer to our need for sheet music.
Do you accept school purchase orders?"
(Comment: Yes)
R. Howard
North East H.S. Ky