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Welcome to Ambassador Music..."A.M.P."  We are publishers of  
Jazz sheet music arrangements, Concert & Big Band sheet music arrangements, 
Dixieland/Blues/Traditional Jazz sheet music arrangements, 
String/Trombone/Sax Quartet/Quintet sheet music arrangements, 
general sheet music, music books, and all kinds of other interesting items!

We have the most outstanding and unique sheet music for Jazz, Blues, Swing, Dixieland, Pop, Country, etc.  Our arrangements were custom written for various venues, and consist mostly of standards, though some are newer and may include jazz, traditional jazz, blues, and swing variations on well known themes from pop, country, etc.  A few will be original compositions.  They are/were written by extremely talented professionals for smaller combos consisting of 3 to 10 instruments, and for Big Bands, orchestras, concert bands, and quartets/quintets of all kinds.  Our charts are being successfully played all over the world.   
From...Madeira Island, Portugal, to Melbourne
, Australia, and from Alaska to Argentina.  
We are very proud of the fact that we enjoy a better than 75% re-order rate.  
Some of these fine arrangements were arranged specifically for--and have been played in concert and/or recorded by; Stan Kenton, Sammy Davis Jr., Jimmy Dorsey, 
Henry Mancini, Shorty Rogers, The Royal City Saxophone Quartet, 
and Jumbo Circus Peanuts name a few.  
Not any of these outstanding and unique arrangements 
are available anywhere else but here!  
Please purchase and enjoy!

Rick Rhodes

NOTE:  Because of the great loss to Ambassador Music of Richard (Dick) Brodfuehrer a 
wonderful arranger and great friend we will not be able to send any "D" charts for a brief time.  
We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Ambassador Music & Publishing is a 15 year old company (with hundreds of years of writing/arranging and sheet music experience) dedicated to bringing you the best in affordable sheet music for your combo, big band, concert band, orchestra. or string/sax/bone/brass ensemble. Our goal is to give you the ability to put together a "book" of charts that will allow you to play-and entertain-with a variety of styles, for any job that may arise. Most of our charts are commercially printed, but a few are handwritten arrangements and copied from the original masters. In this case we think the experience of playing from the original manuscripts is worth it. We guarantee the quality of each and every page. All of our arrangers are-or have been-working professionals. Each and everyone of the charts have been played with success (some more so than others).
We know you will find our arrangements to be of very high quality and very reasonably priced. 
We want you to enjoy them and purchase more!

Ambassador Music

"Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, 
and instinct, not by rule."
Samuel Butler

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